NEW Location in Richardson, NEW Phone number as well!

Did you know we now offer Cosmetic Injectables? Botox or Jeuveau!

 In other great news…We now teach classes to become a Lash Artist for Classic and Volume Lashes!

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The Lash Botox Bar

Great Lashes Make Everyday Better and at The Lash Botox Bar our goal is to make every client as perfect as they can be. We want to enhance your confidence and personal style. Our eyelash extensions can simplify your morning so you can focus on your day ahead and feel absolutely amazing.

Long eyelashes

The Lash Botox Bar Experience

  • Our expertly trained Senior Stylists only use A-Class silk protein lashes which offers you a lighter, softer, more flexible and longer lasting set of lashes. Personalize attention is what our team is all about.
  • Once you pick out your lashes, it’s time to kick-back, relax and let our Senior Stylists take over. They love to make every client happy and excited about their new look.

You Will Leave The Lash Botox Bar a New Beautiful You!!

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